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Net Price List - Manufacturers suggested list price $1.00 per tape. Packed 25 tapes per pack.

Quantity Packs Net Price (each tape)
50 2 Packs $0.40
175 7 Packs $0.29
250 10 Packs $0.26
500 20 Packs $0.24
1000 40 Packs $0.20

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Product Title
All Aboard
All My Love To You
And To All A Good Night
Be My Valentine
Bonjour - Good Day
Business Is Good
Chill Out
Christmas Is Sharing
Gentlemen Start Your Engines
Get A Grip
Get Well Soon
Getting Old Sucks, Happy Birthday
Give Me Love
Go Big Red
Go Blue
Go Buckeyes
Go Gators
Go Hogs Souiee
Go Purdue
Go Tigers
God Bless America
God Loves You
Good Morning
Greetings Mother Dear
Happy Aniversary
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (in French)
Happy Birthday (In Spanish)
Happy Birthday Baby
Happy Holidays
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Mother's Day
Happy New Year
Happy New Year (in French)
Have A Good Day
Have A Nice Day
Have You Had It Lately?
Hello Sweetheart
Hello There
Holiday Greetings
How Are You?
I Got The Fever
I Like You
I Love You
I Love You (In French)
I Love You (In Spanish)
I Miss You
I Only Have Eyes For You
I'll Be Seeing You
I'LL Drink To That
I'm A Jackass
I'm Popeye The Sailor Man
I'm Sorry
It's Guaranteed
It's Reorder Time
It's Reorder Time
Italian - Buon Natalie
Italian - Congratulazioni
Japanese - Anataga Sukuto
Japanese - Gambatte (Do Your Best)
Japanese - Omedetto
Jesus Is Lord
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves You
Jesus Saves
Keep Texas Healthy
Kiss Me I'm Irish
Kiss Me You Fool
La Vie Est Bell (Life Is Beautiful)
Let's Get Together
Let's Have A Party
Let's Make Love
Let's Make Love (in French)
Let's Party
Love Me Tender
May God Bless You
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas (in Danish)
Merry Christmas (in French)
Merry Christmas (in Spanish)
Party Animal
Pizza Time
Please Recycle Me
Please Write
Positive Attitudes Work
Praise The Lord
Profits For You
Radical Dudes
Referrals Love Us
Rock 'N Roll
Roll Tide
Science Is Fun
Seasons Greetings
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Talking Balloons
Tell Me Something
Thank You
Thanks A Lot
Thanks For Your Business
Thinking Of You
This Bud's For You
Tiger Bait
Top 10 Sayings Asst. (250 count) HB,ILY,YTG,L,MX,SIF,HS,GWS,C,HA
Totally Awesome
Trick Or Treat
Try It You'll Like It
Turkey Call (Goble-Goble)
Viva Mexico (In Spanish)
Vote Democrat
Vote Republican
We Love You
We Service What We Sell (too long)
We Try Harder
What's Up Doc
Wish You Were Here
You Are Loved
You Chose the Ace of Diamonds
You Chose the Four of Clubs
You Chose the Queen of Hearts
You Deserve A Break Today
You Sexy Thing
You Turn Me On
You Won't Believe It
You're Lookin' Good
You're The Greatest
Your Place Or Mine